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Web Services

Thinking of having a web presence and can decide where to start, we can assist you with plan - what tools are available and best suits your needs. From Content management tools (CMS) to static pages we have the right professional that will assist you in make the decision.


At SIMC LLC we have incorporated latest web development technologies into custom designed websites that work with your existing systems, with the ability to expand in the future. The features makes it possible for your employees & customers to go on-line for self-service on printed materials and promotional items or products.


The uniue feature of our the website development kit is the capability to preview complex graphics in real time directly from the site from your web browser..


features included:

- account balance report

- current shipped items

- expenditures

- inventory report

- order confirmations

- order tracking numbers

- packing slips

- usage report

- year-to-date shipped items.



Examples of services/organizations we have helped set-up:

Religious organization;


City or local government;


Start-up Corp;


Professional Services, etc.


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