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The New No Limit Solutions to All Business Needs has arrived! Project Management | Systems Design | Software Implementation | Business Accounting | Risk Management | Internal Audit | Business Tax | Customer Relationships | Staff Augmentation services deliver results. WE MEASURE THE VALUE OF OUR SERVICES. Dear Customer: In my previous letter, I indicated that my organization has helped other senior executives increase the value on their investment, by providing services that allow for improved labor management throughout the organization. Our focus is on companies with dynamic workforces who find it challenging to cost effectively manage labor needs. I would like to ask if your organization fits any of the following characteristics of the dynamic workforce. * Your individual managers and professional staff interpret business rules different resulting in disparities and disputes. * The financial staff do not apply Corporate and departmental objectives in their daily work functions. * Unexpected absences cause you to book last minute manpower at a premium. * Your supervisors are making “real time” decisions based on operational need, with no consideration for long term financial impact. If you answered “yes” to any of the above items, then SIMC LLC may be able to help your organization. If you would like how, please call (214) 793-1198, i will share this information with you. We have also developed a very conservative return on investment analysis tool, to assist our clients in measuring the value of our services. We have consultants in Business Accounting functions, Risk management, Internal Audit, Corporate Tax and IT services, and the average payback is between three months and two years depending on what you are doing. With the economy and a very demanding market place and new regulatory rules, more than ever companies need partners they can depend on to help them achieve their set strategic goals. Best regards, Eugene Winter Principal (Business Development) SIMC LLC Mobile: (214) 793-1198



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