Taxation & Business Services

Tax Preparation & Planning

Our experienced service partner builds strong, trusting relationships by proactively working with clients and accurately preparing thousands of small business and personal tax returns each year. Here's what you can expect with us on your team:


Ensure you pay the least tax allowed by law.

A proactive relationship to optimize your tax situation as your personal situation changes and tax laws are revised

No surprises from unexpected tax bills or fees

We stand dedicated to the long-term success of your business by building a working relationship to address your specific tax preparation and financial planning needs.


Tax Preparation


Tax preparation for corporations, partnerships and sole proprietors

Personal tax preparation

Federal, state and local returns

1099 filing for contracted labor

Sales tax filing and payment processing

Payroll tax filing and payment processing

Tax Consulting


Business succession tax consulting

Mergers and acquisitions tax consulting

Complex financial transaction tax consulting

Tax audit guidance and representation

Estate planning and trust tax services

Manage tax opportunities related to your business location, such as home office deductions, investment property and more

Help you take advantage of complex depreciation rules for business assets

Remote data sharing


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