Taxation & Business Services

Tax & Accounting Professional Review

With a professional review, you can get expert guidance to help you effectively take care of your tax and accounting challenges and ensure year-round success. With us, you'll:


Receive personalized support to better manage accounting and bookkeeping business services

Leverage proven expertise on an "as needed" basis to optimize your recordkeeping

Ensure expenses are properly handled to minimize tax liability

Maximize the full potential of your computer accounting system

Professional Review & Reconciliation Services

Ensure tax preparation accuracy while identifying all possible business deductions. We offer:


Professional review to check the accuracy of past years filed returns

Bookkeeping records reconciliation

On-time filing of payroll and other government tax reports

Accounting records review for accuracy and compliance

Accounting Software Support and Training

Optimize your computer accounting system, streamline processing, and maximize available accounting functions. We can help you do this by offering:


Support for common accounting systems such as QuickBooks® and Peachtree®

Assistance with setup, training and ongoing program support

Electronic exchange of information for review, reconciliation and more

General ledger adjustments to balance computer bookkeeping records with financial statements

Remote access capability to facilitate record transfer and posting


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