Taxation & Business Services

Start-up Services

If you have just begun operations, we can help you get everything up and running quickly by instituting the necessary processes for bookkeeping, accounting and financial planning.


Start-up Consulting

Maximize new business opportunities through business consulting from the small business experts. We're here to help with:


Business plan preparation

Entity structure planning

Incorporation filing

Accounting systems setup

Business financing evaluation

Tax Preparation

Get complete tax preparation for corporations, partnerships, sole proprietors and individuals. We also offer:


Sales tax filing and payment processing

Payroll tax filing and payment processing

Miscellaneous income reporting (1099 filing) for contracted labor

Guidance and representation for federal, state and local tax audits

Tax plan implementation

Active monitoring and adjustment of tax plan to compensate for tax law changes and other tax implication developments


Explore the benefits and protection of business incorporation for your start-up business, such as:


Greater tax savings

Protection of personal assets

More business operation flexibility

Quick and convenient incorporation process


Hands-on Help

With the help of SIMC LLC'sTax & Business Services Professional Assist, you can manage records and be confident the information is accurate. This review and advisory service is ideal for those of you who do your own financial bookkeeping work. With this service, you not only receive guidance as you set up your accounting software, but you also get access to a review that helps ensure expenses are properly classified, records are being kept correctly and more.


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