Business-Development & Planning

Buying a Business

1. How do I know if a business is a "good deal"?


2. What kinds of information should I request from the seller?


3. Can I get financing for buying an existing business?


4. I'm buying an existing business. Do I still need to write a business plan?


5. There is substantial "goodwill" in the purchase price of the business. Will that affect my ability to obtain a loan for the project?


6. Will I be able to obtain a loan for 100% of the purchase price of the business?


7. The seller has told me there the business has "unreported cash sales". Is that good?


8. Is it better to buy an existing business or start a new one?


9. I'm buying an existing business which happens to be a franchise. Is there anything special I need to consider?


10. The seller won't provide any financial information on the business. Is that a problem?


11. Do I need to plan for additional operating capital when I purchase a business?


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