Taxation & Business Services

Advice & Consulting

Get professional and personalized advice about tax issues, accounting and financial planning that can easily be put to work for your business.


Start-up Consulting

Maximize your new business potential with a professional review from our small business specialists. We can help with:


Business plan preparation

Entity structure planning

Incorporation filing

Accounting systems setup

Financing evaluation

Compliance monitoring

Performance Planning

Keep on top of your performance and stay informed about how it affects your goals. Get our expert advice on:


Budgeting and forecasting

Periodic financial review

Industry benchmarking

Operational analysis

Opportunity assessment

Accounting Systems Support

Streamline your existing system capabilities to maximize accounting effectiveness. We offer:


Support for common accounting systems such as QuickBooks®, Peachtree®, Netsuite®, Microsoft Dynamics® and SAP® ®

Assistance with setup, training and ongoing accounting program support

Electronic exchange of bookkeeping information for review and reconciliation or other data-dependent services

General ledger adjustments to balance computer records with financial statements

Remote access capability to facilitate record transfer and posting

Transition & Succession Planning

Accurately assess the value of your business to decide on a sale price, and determine what the tax implications will be to your investments and retirement savings. We can provide you with:


Business or enterprise valuation

Valuation of intellectual property

Debt, equity and asset valuation

Business loss or damage valuation


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